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Who Needs a Seat?

A PhotoCircle Essentials seat is required for those who work for, or on behalf of, your company/organization and use PhotoCircle.

    Need a Seat (paid)
    • Employees
    • Staff
    • Faculty
    • Contractors
    No Seat Needed (free)
    • Customers
    • Volunteers
    • Parents
    • The Congregation

For example, an organization may have 1000 employees but only 5 of those employees use PhotoCircle. In this case, they would require 5 seats.

Billing Policy

At the beginning of each billing cycle, you will be charged for the number of seats enabled in your workspace.

A PhotoCircle Premium* seat is required for anyone using PhotoCircle who works for or on behalf of your company or organization. When a user’s account is disabled, a seat license is available and may be assigned to a new user. When new users are added to your workspace and there are no seats available, your account will charged for the prorated time left in your billing cycle.

Your customers/audience do not need a PhotoCircle Premium seat in order to use PhotoCircle. If they are not working for, or on behalf of, your company/organization they are considered a customer/audience user.

Sharing a login is a violation of PhotoCircle’s terms of use and will result in additional fees or the immediate cancellation of services. PhotoCircle reserves the right to audit accounts.

You may switch between plans at any time. If you upgrade your plan (e.g., switching from Standard to High Resolution), you will be charged. If you downgrade your subscription, your account will be credited, and that credit can be used toward future invoices.

* PhotoCircle Essentials and PhotoCircle Enterprise are PhotoCircle Premium plans